Judy the Nurse
Judith T. Lane, L.V.N., W.C.C.

Wound Care Educator and Advocate to the RN, LVN, CNA, Physical Therapist and non licensed caregiver community.

Known to patients and health care professionals as “Judy The Nurse”.  Judy Lane has been a healthcare practitioner for over 25 years.

Industry Wide Reputation

Specializing in home health and hospice, Judy’s reputation is known throughout California and the western United States. Whether in the role as skilled nurse, patient advocate or as an educator, she is known for her compassionate care to patients and her passion for teaching the emerging nursing community the art and  skill of quality care giving.  

Wound Care Specialist and Educator

Judy’s specialization and hands on experience providing wound care to  home bound patients allows her to stay abreast of industry standard wound care best practices and procedures. She utilizes evidenced based techniques for assessment and treatment of the medically complex patient.

As a highly sought after wound care specialist,  Judy travels extensively as a “troubleshooter” providing alternatives in wound care with improved measurable outcomes. She has conducted numerous in-service lectures and seminars teaching wound care and skin integrity fundamentals to licensed and unlicensed professionals in this growing field of practice. 

Knowledge and Experience

Having extensive knowledge in JCAHO,  HIPAA, and Title 22 standards, and due to her many years as a proven problem solver in real life scenarios, Judy possesses the practical experience to properly assess wound care issues and implement proven solutions. Certified by the National Alliance of Wound Care since 2005 she became a part of an inclusive group of professionals and chose to advance her expertise and career with a specialized W.C.C. certification.

Honesty and Integrity

Known for her honesty, integrity, and reliability, Judy’s professional goal is to improve patient’s measurable outcomes by providing exemplary care and enhancing the knowledge base of the healthcare professional providing skin and wound care management.

Distinguished Tenure

Judy Lane’s career is distinguished by her notable tenure and engagements with reputable healthcare facilities throughout southern California. A partial list of these elite institutions includes but is not limited to:

Kaiser Hospital                                                            St. Mary’s Hospital-Long Beach

Little Company of Mary Hospital                                    Wellpoint/Anthem BlueCross 

Hospice Services of California                                                Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedics  

Bright Horizons Home Health                                           St. Joseph’s Hospital-Orange 

Judy the Nurse 
Wound Care Educator
1999 Avenue of the Stars
Suite 1100
Century City, CA 90067


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